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Heritage Glass Colors


Heritage Glass Colors
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Co Blue 7

Heritage Glass aggregates have a

unique name system. 


Color Designation:

Heritage Glass aggregate colors are designated by an alphabetic prefix, color name, and an intensity number.


The alphabetic prefix refers to formulation. The numerical suffix ranges from 1 to 9 to indicate color intensity. The higher the number the darker the color.


The prefix and numbers accompanying the color name are useful in specifying the precise color quality, for example, Co Blue 7. "Co" refers to the colorant, "Blue" refers to the general color, and "7" refers to the glass blocking 70% of the light coming through it. It should be noted that because glass is transparent, color saturation decreases with the size of the aggregate. It is also important to note that colors will change in a colored matrix as the background color shows through the glass.


The samples to the right show how varying intensities of Co Blue appear in a white epoxy. 

Co Blue 5

Co Blue 3

Co Blue 1